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Julia Salomei Lagus

Since I remember myself, I was always painting, and this became my profession in life. Through art, I can express all that my soul is searching.
I graduated from art & design academy. Learning the classical and modern art, inspired me to develop a new style called “spiritual esoteric art”, that has become my main way of making art.
I learned that by following my intuitions, my paintings could tell about the future by holding some certain meanings and images.
 After the year of 2000 I started to tell more about the human transition into the 5th dimension with the planet Gaia.
In the year 2011, I met Ayelet Segal, the creator of Telos Lemuria Israel, which is an extension of the world organization in California.
On 2012, I went to a spiritual journey with Ayelet to Mount Shasta. On this journey I discovered my Lemurian soul, and started to paint under the guidance of ascended masters and teachers from the higher dimensions.
My Paintings are like mirrors to higher dimensions and Parallel universes. We are slowly remembering those worlds, like a forgotten dream. This dreams are suddenly arouse old memories in us, that encourage us to discover our soul path. Believe in yourself, and open your hearts for your dreams and feelings. Enter inside yourself and feel the magical light that flowing in your body.
We are never alone, forgotten or sad, we can always choose to come back home to the world we came from.
Thousands of ascended masters and teachers from the white fraternity, work hard for humanity and our planet, which is moving toward the 5th dimension. They created a lot of temples, who are working with the sacred flames. Some of them are working to heal people and all the living creatures on earth.